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“Mentshn shteyt oyf gants fri” Performed by Avi Fuhrman

April 23, 2020

Mentshn shteyt oyf gants fri / People, Wake Up Early A version of  “Der gevisser may” by Yitskhok-Yoel Linetski Sung by Avi Fuhrman, recorded by Itzik Gottesman at Circle Lodge camp, 1984 Commentary by Itzik Gottesman Yiddish songs written about May in the 1890s and 1900s, were, of course, related to May 1st and the worker’s movement. […]

“Az in felder geyt a regn” Performed by Jacob Gorelik

April 17, 2020

Az in felder geyt a regn/When it rains in the fields Sung by Jacob Gorelik, lyrics by Wolf Younin with music by Maurice Ruach Recorded by Itzik Gottesman at the Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center, Bronx, 1980s. Commentary by Itzik Gottesman Jacob Gorelik probably learned this song as a member of a Yiddish chorus in NYC […]

“Der shpigl mitn zeyger” Performed by Avi Fuhrman

October 23, 2019

Der shpigl mitn  zeyger / The Mirror and the Clock Sung by Avi Fuhrman Recorded by Itzik Gottesman, at Circle Lodge Camp, NY, Summer 1984. Commentary by Itzik Gottesman. The text to this song was written by the classic 19th century Yiddish writer and satirist Yoel Linetski (1839 -1915) and can be found in his poetry […]

“Borukh Shulman – Nokh a keyver, nokh a korbn” Performed by Leo Summergrad

July 25, 2019

Borukh Shulman – Nokh a keyver, nokh a korbn Borukh Shulman – Another Grave, Another Sacrifice Sung by Leo Summergrad, recorded in New York City, 1959 by Leo Summergrad Commentary by Itzik Gottesman In 1906, in Warsaw, radical 19 year-old Borukh Shulman (Polish: Baruch Szulman, 1886 – 1906) threw a bomb and killed the hated Tsarist police chief […]

“Ikh zits mir bay der arbet” Performed by Leah (Lillian) Kolko

May 20, 2019

“Ikh zits mir bay der arbet” / I Sit at My Work Sung by Leah (Lillian) Kolko. Recorded at Camp Boiberik by Beyle Gottesman. Commentary by Itzik Gottesman. Leah (Lillian) Kolko was from Slonim, Belarus. Her maiden name was Zadikow. She was the wife of Fishl (Philip) Kolko who was for many years the Jewish […]

“Ikh hob gevolt a meylekh zan” Performed by Lifshe Schaechter-Widman

March 21, 2019

Ikh hob gevolt a meylekh zan / I wanted to be king Sung by Lifshe Schaechter-Widman Recorded in Bronx, NY by Leybl Kahn 1954 Commentary by Itzik Gottesman This is our 153 posting on the Yiddish Song of the Week blog. Upon reflection, it has given us great satisfaction to see the effects of the blog. […]

“Shteyt in tol an alte mil” Performed by M.M. Shaffir

February 21, 2019

Shteyt in tol an alte mil / An Old Mill Stands in the Valley Words by M. M. Shaffir,  Music -“adapted from a Romanian folk melody” Recorded by Itzik Gottesman, Bronx Commentary by Itzik Gottesman The poet M. M. Shaffir (1909 -1988) was born in Suchava/Suceava (in Yiddish – “Shots”), Bukovina, Austria-Hungary; today – Romania. He […]

“Reb Tsudek” Performed by Itzik Gottesman

December 4, 2018

Reb Tsudek Sung by Itzik Gottesman, recorded Nov 2018, Austin TX Commentary by Itzik Gottesman I was asked to post the song “Reb Tsudek” as sung by the Yiddish poet Martin Birnbaum. He sang it to Michael Alpert and me in 1984-85 in NYC.  But, alas, I cannot find the original recording so I have […]

“Ikh bin a tsigaynerl a kleyner” Performed by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

November 29, 2018

Ikh bin a tsigaynerl a kleyner / I am a Small Gypsy (Rom) Lad Pre-war version from Chernovitz, Romania. Sung by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman [BSG] Recorded by Itzik Gottesman at the Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center, Bronx 1980s. Commentary by Itzik Gottesman The more popular song version of this poem by Itzik Manger (1901 – 1969) was composed […]

“Farmutshet in fintserer tfise” Performed by Leo Summergrad

November 21, 2018

Farmutshet in fintserer tfise / Exhausted In a Dark Jail Sung by Leo Summergrad, recorded by Summergrad in 1959 Commentary by Itizk Gottesman Upon hearing a previous post Es hot geshneyet un geregnt sung by Esther Gold, Yiddish singer, song lover and collector Leo Summergrad wrote to say that the melody is similar not only to […]