Commercially Available Recordings of Traditional Yiddish Folksingers

There are many recordings of Yiddish folksong available today, but very few published recordings of traditional Yiddish folksingers. Below is a recommended list of commercially available recordings of traditional singers.

Bogdanski, Majer. Yiddish Songs-Yidishe Lider. London, UK: Jewish Music Institute, 2000.

Gendler, Arkady. Mayn Shtetele Soroke: Yiddish Songs of the Ukraine. San Francisco, CA: Fantasy Studios, Jewish Music Festival recording, 2000.

Nirenberg, Mariam. Folksongs in the East European Jewish Tradition. New York, NY: Global Village Music, 1986. (Notes published by the YIVO Institute.)

Rubin, Ruth, ed.  Jewish Life: the Old Country. New York, NY: Folkways Records, 1958.

Schaechter-Gottesman, Beyle. Bay Mayn Mames Shtibele. New York, NY: Yiddishland Records, 2004.

Schaechter-Widman, Lifshe. Az Di Furst Avek. Bronx, NY: Global Village Music, 1986. (Notes published by the YIVO Institute.)

Compiled by Shelley Thomas

6 Responses to “Commercially Available Recordings of Traditional Yiddish Folksingers”

  1. […] are Dos redl  performed by (Israel Srul) Freed on Ruth Rubin‘s field recording collection “Jewish Life: The Old Country” and recently recorded as the title track of klezmer violinist Jake Shulman-Ment‘s CD A Wheel/A […]

  2. Helen Fass Says:

    Hi, I am looking for the lyrics to a song I heard many years ago. It’s a sad song about the end of the yom tov and the father will have to return to work and won’t see his little children because he comes home too late from work. The Yiddish goes like this ” Az di yontifdiker teg gayt noch oych aveck. ” I can’t remember the rest. Can you help me find it?

    • Jan Waas Says:

      Dear Helen Fass,
      I have only just now found your question ( 9-3-2013)
      If nobody has answered, I will help you

      There exist a fourth and even a fifth Mlotek book of songs. One is called and contains Yontefdike Teg.

      It’s a song by Mark Warshavsky, but in his book ( of which I have a photocopy) he calls it Dos freylikhe Shnayderl, and it has a different text.

      It is also on the first Yiddish Theodore Bikel LP and I possess the text booklet with the song as you know it.

      So, if you have not got an answer yet, I’ll send the text to you.

      Send me an e-mail via the organizers of this site and you will get help from a Dutch source near Amsterdam

      All the Best

      Jan Waas

  3. I am looking for the lyrics and transliteration of A Zemerl Aza, can you help me. Thanks.

  4. I am looking for a recording of Chusan Kallah Mazel Tov for my daughter’s wedding

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