“Ven ikh volt gehot dem keysers oytsres” Performed by Ita Taub

Notes by Itzik Gottesman

This recording of Ita Taub was done in our dining room in our Bronx home in the 1980s after a meal, as you can hear from the clanging of dishes. For biographical information on Taub see the earlier post on “Oy vey mame.”

Ven ikh volt gehot dem keysers oytsres (If I were to have the Emperor’s Treasures) was written by Mikhl Gordon (1823 – 1890). According to Chana and Joseph Mlotek in their Yiddish-language work Perl fun der yidisher poezye, 1974 (now available in English), this song was originally called “Shlof mayn kind” and included in his first collection printed in 1868.

Mikhl Gordon

The Mloteks also say that Isa Kremer performed the song often and popularized it, though I cannot find a recording of her singing it. The Freedman Jewish Sound Archive lists two recent recordings of the song with the title “Az ikh volt gehat dem keysers oytsres.”

I have not seen Gordon’s work so I am not sure how many verses are in his original but a third verse is included in some recordings and collections such as Z. Kisselgof’s Lider-zamlbuch, Berlin 1914, that concern the father going to hell. That verse adds a little bittersweet humor to the song, and it’s interesting that with a woman singer such as Ita Taub the verse is dropped. As Taub sings it, the song only relates directly to the mother and child relationship.

Taub’s interpretation is truly moving and culminates in that great dramatic last line “Let enter the Tsadik’s mother!”

Ven ikh volt gehot dem keysers oytsres
mit zayn gantser melikhe.
Volt es nit geveyn bay mir nikhe,
vi di bist bay mir nikhe. 

If I were to have the Emperor‘s treasures
and his entire land.
It would not be as pleasing to me,
as you are pleasing to me.

Mayn kind, mayn kroyn
Ven ikh derzey deyekh
Vayst zikh dokh mir oys,
az di gontse velt iz mayn.

My child, my crown.
When I see you
It seems to me
That the whole world is mine.

Shluf mayn kind, shluf mayn kind,
zolst nor leybn un zayn zezint.
Ay-lu -lu -lu, Ay-lu- lu-lu

Sleep may child, sleep my child.
You should only live and be healthy,

Ven ikh vel amol darfn
af yener velt geyen,
veln toyern funem gin-eydn
far mir ofn shteyen.

When I will have to
go to the other world,
the gates of Heaven
will stand open for me.

Vayl di mayn kind
vet zayn a frimer un a giter.
Vet me zugn af yener velt –
„Lozst arayn dem tsadiks miter!‟

Because you my child,
will be observant and good,
So in the other world they will say –
„Let enter the Tsaddik‘s mother!‟

Shluf mayn kind, shluf, mayn kind,
zolst nor leybn un zayn gezint,
Ay-lu-lu-lu, Ay-lu-lu-lu

Sleep may child, sleep my child.
You should only live and be healthy,

7 Responses to ““Ven ikh volt gehot dem keysers oytsres” Performed by Ita Taub”

  1. YIVO’s Lorin Sklamberg has a nice posting on Isa Kremer’s recordings of this song at his YIVOSounds blog: http://yivosounds.com/2010/12/15/back-to-isa-kremer/

  2. itzik gottesman Says:

    words (3 verses) and music to Ven ikh volt gehot is printed in Chana and Joseph Mlotek’s songbook “Pearls of Yiddish Song” 1988, pages 2-3.

  3. Leo Summergrad Says:

    It also appears in “Di Yiddishe Folks Lider” by Goldin and Zemtzovsky, published in Russia in 1994, in “Yiddishe Folks Lider” by Beregovsky and Feffer, published in Kiev in 1938 and in “Anthology of Yiddish Folk Songs, Volume 1” by Vinkovetzky, published in israel in 1983.

  4. itzik gottesman Says:

    In Ginzburg and Marek’s collection Yidishe folkslider in rusland, St. Petersburg., 1901, they have a 5 verse version of the song – song #65.

  5. […] kind” and included in his first collection prinbted in 1868. For more information see the Yiddish Song of the Week Blog. (Information by Miriam […]

  6. Gut morgn alemen,

    I’m looking fort the written music from that song, someone could may be help me ?

    A shaynen dank
    Yaël Tama

  7. ilyashneyveys Says:

    I wonder if Joel Engel’s 1909 arrangement published in “Yidishe Folkslider” (at 18:36 here: https://youtu.be/Jihe7hK_8Ro?t=1116 ) was a possible source/influence for any of these versions?

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